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A letter to humanity

By Bella (15 years old)

Dear Humanity,

It is a big ask for everyone to listen to what I have to say. In the turmoil of life, why should my words surface above the storm of informations that bombards us on a daily basis? Yet I hope that people do listen and perhaps, if I accomplish my goal, they will take action and encourage others to do so too.

2017 has been a significant year. For many, it has been a year of adversity. We have cried tears of despair as people have been so wickedly murdered by unthinkable acts of terrorism. We have cried tears of frustration at our incapability to preserve our planet. We have cried tears of sympathy as we see videos of extreme poverty and of children with protruding ribs and gaunt faces as they sip at contaminated water.

Yet clearly none of this is our fault...

Surely the terrorism can be blamed solely on the terrorists?

Surely the global warming and animal abuse can be accredited to the multi nationals and factory farms?

Surely the poverty can be attributed to the politicians who are blinded by their desire for money?


Perhaps it is time that each take responsibility for our actions.

Perhaps if we created a global community of acceptance, then maybe people would not feel exclusion. Maybe they would not feel compelled to commit such malicious and violent acts.

Perhaps if we each decided not to use plastic straws or not to drive to work, or not to support barbaric farming practices, then maybe the oceans will become just that little bit cleaner and maybe our emissions may become just a little bit less.

Perhaps if we each recognised that poverty is not confined to certain countries, it exists in every corner of the planet, then maybe we could each begin to improve the situation of those who need help in our own communities.

It is understandable that we each may feel diminutive and helpless. We may feel that we are merely drops in a large and ever-growing ocean. Yet imagine if every drop in the ocean was taken away, then we would be left with a barren, desolate landscape. I am not claiming that I have the solution, because I don't. All I know is that I would like to keep our sea of humanity. We do not see the ocean for every drop in it, we see it as one single entity. Perhaps we should start taking a similar view on the human race. We do not need to single out and discriminate against drops of water, but we need to view humanity as one large body, all collaborating together to reach our end goal.

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